Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yarn! *Squish!*

Ok, so I wish I had created this blog back when I was first learning to knit. But here I am 1 1/2 years into knitting, so I can no longer post about learning for the first time, and excited over making my first scarf... unless I lie and make it all up.

So instead, I will share a yarn company I have recently fallen in love with, Green Mountain Spinnery. 

I recently completed a sweater out of their Maine Organic yarn, which is just lovely. It's organically processed wool, which comes from organically raised sheep. The small company resides in Vermont, and is owner operated (from what I've read). I wish I were closer to them to be able to visit the spinnery myself (and to hug all the yarn!) as it seems they offer tours of the spinnery (how fun would that be?!).

me, "dancing" wearing my sweater knit in 
Green Mountain Spinnery's Maine Organic,
 in colors Dark and Grey.

The yarn, being organically processed, has a sheepy smell to it, which I call "rustic". It's not unpleasant, unless it's wet.. then phew (I held a wet swatch up to my dog and he snorted and shook his head)! And I personally loved finding little bits of hay twisted into the yarn. I felt like I should have been knitting in a log cabin with a cozy fire going.

My load of Maine Organic Dark, 2 sweaters worth!

Some people I read saying this yarn is good for outer layers because it's scratchy, however I found after a good soak it is not unpleasant against the skin. While this particular sweater was knit with being layered in mind, I would not be opposed to wearing it on its own.

If you love local companies (local to me in this case meaning you are in the US), organic products, and natural un-dyed wools (oh, how I swoon over naturally colored wools!), check out Green Mountain Spinnery, they have a great selection of "Greenspun" and organic yarns. 

For ravelry users, you can find the pattern for the sweater here and my project page here.


  1. I LURVE your pics of the sweater and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed both the yarn and the pattern!!! You look adorable in it.- Fiona

  2. Thank you so much :) You really designed such a beautiful sweater, I loved making it :)

  3. Very pretty, indeed! Is it not possible to "follow" your blog? Would love to.

    1. I thought it would be, but I'm still figuring this site out... let me check my settings :)

    2. Ok, I think I got it figured out. I added a spot at the top right to follow :)