Tuesday, June 3, 2014

h o o k e d *o n* f l o w e r s

So, I've always wanted to learn how to make cute little crochet flowers. Crochet has always hurt my hands a bit, so I never learned how to crochet. But, my desire to learn how to make the flowers took over.

So, one night I downloaded a free pattern and crocheted a few flowers. The flowers were cute, I learned how to do a few crochet stitches, but something about the flowers weren't how I had always hoped.

So began the experimenting. 

First I played around with the center stitches until I found a stitch combo that I liked the look of. 
Then came the petals. These took a little more playing around with. How long to make each chain for each petal to be crocheted onto. Finally got that right. Then the final size and shape of the petals themselves. I change them a little for each flower, and I think one stitch is not really a proper stitch (but it's what completes the look of the larger petals, so I do it anyway) but have my formula down. 

My first crochet design! 

Ok, so it's just simple flowers. But I have become addicted to making them. 

And yes, making them make my hands hurt. But, still, I have made a small army of flowers.

Now to just figure out what the heck to do with them all, lol.