Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My First Hat Design

Decided to challenge myself (ever so slightly) by designing a hat. I went with a simple textured slouchy hat. I'm happy with it.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Katniss Cowl/Vest

Katniss Vest, knit in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick

Since September I have been slowly knitting a very pretty sweater pattern. I got to the point after finishing the first sleeve (with one sleeve left to go before finishing the sweater) that I needed a break and I needed it now. And I needed an instant gratification project. 

About a month ago I bought the yarn and pattern to make Anaid Designs Katniss Cowl Vest. I decided to make that.

Unfortunately, sent me the wrong needles (I ordered US 35, they sent me US 50, which isn't even listed for sale on their website) and never responded to my messages to customer service, so I sighed, and began knitting anyway.

After 3 nights of work, and some very sore hands and shoulders thanks to the huuuuge needles, I was finished with my most awesome, fashionable item. I wore it for a day out and felt fabulous. 

I have plans to make a second, in nicer 100% wool yarn, with the proper sized needles, which I ordered off of etsy.

I love this pattern, and recommend it to any knitter coveting Katniss Everdeen's (Jennifer Lawrence) interestingly constructed (albeit hers is weaved, not knit or crocheted) cowl-necked half-vest.

For those wondering, this is the 
sweater I am making, right 
before I started the sleeves...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Textured Soap Pouch

Wow, is this poor little neglected blog is dusty!

I've been very busy knitting during this cold and snowy winter.

                        I guess I will share my latest creation, just a simple soap pouch.

Textured Soap Pouch

I bought some yummy beeswax soap yesterday (from Morning Song Gardens in case you are curious), so decided to knit up a quick little cozy for it. I had a little bit of left over Green Mountain Spinnery Maine Organic yarn, so decided to use that, as I didn't want to use a new ball of anything for it. 

I don't typically write patterns, if I make things up as I go, I just do it and don't keep notes. This soap pouch is pretty straight forward, though, so hopefully my notes make sense if you'd like to make one as well.

It's a very simple pattern that can easily be adapted to fit your choice of soap. Just the same, in case you wonder, I was getting 4 or 5 stitches per inch, I didn't measure closely, just held a couple fingers up to the stitches to get an idea.

Using US 5 DPNs, I cast on 30-ish stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast On (I cast on 30)... I just kind of stretched out the stitches on the needles, then held my soap up to it until I decided it was wide enough to comfortably go around the bar of soap. 

Work in seed until slightly longer than bar of soap, but not enough to fold over the top, I went about one round past the top of the soap in seed stitch. 

Note: With Judy's Magic Cast On, the bottom is done, so you can just keep putting the bar into the pouch to check the size, no guessing needed! And, no seaming!!

Switch to contrast color [CC] (if wanted) but don't break the yarn on the MC, just carry it up the inside of the pouch. I didn't want to wind up a ball of my darker Maine Organic and had no scraps, so I just used some scraps of Cascade Eco Wool.

Purl 3 rounds

Switch back to MC, and do whatever you choose, break the yarn on the CC or carry it inside. I chose to break it off.

Knit 4 rounds

This round (5th), Make holes in preferred small button hole method, however many you want, evenly spaced. I made 4, with a yo, ssk.

Knit 4 rounds (on the first round after the "button" holes, when I got to the yo’s, I ktbl)

Switch to CC

Purl 2 rounds

Bind Off

Weave in ends

Make rope, long enough to hang from. I did a 3 stitch icord. 

Weave through holes. I then grafted the two ends of the rope together and left that part inside the pouch.

Stick soap inside, and enjoy! You'll have a nice textured, scrubby, reusable soap pouch. 

If you use wool, as I did, keep in mind it will felt from use.