Saturday, September 22, 2012


Firstly, I would like to welcome my favorite season.... Autumn!

So... without boring people with too much information, a little over 2 weeks ago I rescued a pigeon. 

This pigeon (who has recently been named Scuttle, 2 points and a Dinglehopper if you know where I got the name) turns out to be a little bit of a ham for the camera. Last night I taped a large piece of glossy paper (cover stock, acquired it when I worked in a magazine bindery)  to the couch, and let it hang down onto the floor and set the little pige on it. After taking a bunch of pictures, the little thing just sat there like "What, no more?"

Anyway, here's a sampling from last nights photoshoot:

You can go here for the story on how I came about having this little guy.

This blog won't be all about Scuttle. I plan on it being whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. I knit... a lot. I enjoy photography, and my crazy pups give me some adventures, too. So, yeah. Welcome to my blog :)

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