Monday, September 24, 2012

So I Knit Me a Floopy Hat

I know, I know.... grammar... *grumble grumble* but that's how the title hit me, so that's how my fingers typed it ;)

The title describes it pretty well. I fell in love with the fun look of the Floopy Hat designed by Alexandra Tinsley a little while back. I kept holding back making it, all kinds of silly reasonings popped into my head that kept putting me off.

I'm in my 30s, not 12. I can't pull off wearing this hat in public. 
Ok, so I don't care if I dress like I'm 12, where will it be practical to wear it? 
Even if I did make it out of super cozy, cooshie, warm yarn... won't it always be falling off my head *pictures myself being dragged lightening speed through the woods by my 3 crazy dogs, and my hat being a mile behind me, lost forever*
Then I thought... do I really want to spend the money on yarn for a hat I might not wear for real? Even if it is fun?

But that hat kept popping up in my mind, I kept going past it in my favorites on ravelry, and then that sneaky little hat made it into my queue. And then, wouldn't you know, I found super squishy, super cozy, baby alpaca yarn.... on sale.

See, it's totally a serious, grown up hat.
See me all deep in serious thoughts?
And then I bought the yarn.

And then I printed the pattern.

And then I knit that super fun, squishy hat over this past weekend. And you know what? I don't care at all that I might look silly wearing it. I'm not worried about it falling off in the woods... I'll do my best to keep one hand on it, lol.

Turns out that I didn't totally figure out my yardage right.. I figured since I found bulky yarn I'd be ok (pattern is knit double stranded). I was ok until near the end, and even though I knit faster, the end of the skein was catching up with me (why, oh why, do we feel that knitting faster will make us somehow finish before running out of yarn?). So I did alter the decreases near the end (cut out about 10 rows in the middle part of the end of the pattern), and in the end all was good.

The pattern is fun and quick (I knit it up while watching Buster Keaton 2-reelers, in the end probably 4 or 5 hours of work), and according to my fashion sense, for all ages. 

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