Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Do We Clothe Our Cups?

Like many people, simply stated, I love coffee. 

But why do many people feel the need to dress their coffee? I mean, sure, people tend to like clothes. We like to dress in clothes, we like to dress our pets (I mean, what's cuter than a little fluffy dog in a little cozy sweater?)... but why do we also feel the need to dress our coffee cups?

I mean, sure. Cup cozies keeps our hands from burning a little when we hold the hot cup. They also probably keep the cup a little insulated. 

But, that isn't the only reason I make cup cozies... I like them because they look cute, too. 

Example: I made this one last night for my new glass travel mug.

I mean, it slides around on the cup, even though I made it smaller than the cup so that it wouldn't fall off. But the superwash (and super soft!) wool has no grip on the cup. But man is it cute, and will make all the other coffee cups jealous. 

I think that when I walk past other people with coffee cups in had, little naked cups, that the little cups get a little embarrassed. And they have no hand (no hands!) to cover their little naked selves. So they just blush and try not to make eye contact with my snazzilly clad cup.

So, please, don't let your coffee go out in public naked. 

Yarn is Knitpicks Swish DK in Lava Heather.

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